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The White Lady synopsis:

It’s been a year since the Boulyn incident and a prestigious case lures Zack  back to Peak Valley. Arriving at Burnom Manor, famous for being allegedly haunted by a woman dressed all in white, Zack must use his psychic medium talents to finally unravel the legend of the White Lady.

This game features voice acting.


Mysteries of Peak Valley centers around Zack Gellar, psychic medium. Zack gained his ability to speak to the dead after an automobile accident that made him an orphan. After mastering in psychology during his formative years at university, he decided to make a living by communicating with the spirits that haunt his clients and, in turn, help the souls left forever to wander the mortal realm find their eternal peace.

Install instructions

Download the zip and unzip the game folder. To run the game, open the MOPV 2 The White Lady.exe. If you get stuck in the game, a walk-through 'MOPV 2 The White Lady WALKTHROUGH' is available in the game folder.


Mysteries of Peak Valley 2 - The White Lady.zip 76 MB


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Great continuation of the first part of the series!